Thursday, October 8, 2015

Go Go Goyang

Last weekend, I headed up to Goyang (aka Seoul) to meet Mike and Jon and celebrate our graduation. I took the KTX to Haengshin, dropped off my stuff and headed to Sinsa to meet Jon. We ended up relaxing on the Han river all afternoon before heading in to Sinsa where it was warmer (Seoul is already getting cold at night) to get a delicious lamb dinner and a few beers. Mike and I then headed back to Goyang for a non-alcoholic drink before bed.

I have spent a bit of time in Sinsa before, but not a lot. It is a very cool part of Seoul. Seoul has such a different feel that the rest of the country, and Sinsa is a cool part of that. If I ever get back to Seoul I will have to check it out again. That was another odd part of this trip. The uncertainty. I do think that I will be back to Seoul, and probably sooner than later. However there is a possibility, however minor, that that was my last time in that amazing city. With next year so up in the air I felt the need to go up a last time, and celebrating our graduation was as good a reason as any. This weekend I'll be in Daegu before my last weekend in Busan.

Goyang is also a cool place. I've enjoyed going up there these last three years and I am sure that I will miss it a lot too. But even if I end up back in Korea the odds of me knowing anyone up there are slim, and while I like it, I wouldn't go all the way up there just to hang out by myself. Therefore this may well be the last time I am ever in that part of the country. I was glad to spend a morning there before I left for Daegu.

Goyang on a warm Sunday morning

sunset on the Han river

patio beers on a warm fall afternoon

N'Seoul tower from the river

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