Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Last Work Week

This past week has been very surreal.

Monday I had a nine hour day, trekking across to Beomeo to do a bit of job training to cover a few classes that I have never taught before. I trained for two hours and yet I only ended up teaching one 45 minute class of it. Oh well, I may teach it again in the next two weeks. Wednesday I went down to the pension office, walked the 8 miles home, then read Dr. Dolittle and made a question sheet for it. I hope they don't use that book, holy racism! Thursday was the same, only with a book about the Holocaust and Treasure island (not sure who is picking these books. They are supposed to be for 12 year olds). Tomorrow I go to the Sangin branch I worked at for the first two months I was here to grade book reports all day.

No idea what is happening next week. Should be fun.

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