Saturday, October 10, 2015

Working at my Old Branch

On Friday I was sent to do office work at Sangin Moonkkang, which I first started at in 2012. Back then it was the home of low level students and had a staff of five western and five Korean teachers. Now it teaches high level students and has six Korean and three western teachers. It was cool to be back if only that it was a stark reminder of how long I've worked for Moonkkang. The staff there all seem great, and my day of grading and reading Treasure Island (to make tests and vocab sheets for, so I was working.... sort of) was hardly a taxing one.

Actually the set up and vibe there is great. I didn't like having to work at Beomeo branch. The teachers were nice of course, but the office is dark and the western and Korean staff have different offices on different floors. Seems a silly way to organize things. Sangin is much nicer in that respect.

It was also fun to see the old branch again. I only worked there for a few months but several of my closest work friends come from that time. It was fun to be back.

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