Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chuseok 2015

This year we were only lucky enough to get a three day Chuseok. A law was recently passed that mandated that all public employees get a fourth day (the Tuesday) off, but it was optional for private companies. Being that it is Korea the children must study, so Tuesday I went in to work.

That didn't stop me from having a great three day weekend. On Saturday Darren came down from Daejeon. He got in around noon and we went to Apsan. We opted for the cable car up as it was getting late for a hike up and down. We went to the observatory and then walked along the ridge, popping out in Sangin a few hours later.


Afterwards we got home, showered and cleaned up, and went out to one of my favourite bbq places by Seobu terminal. We ate enough to put back anything we burnt on the hike, and then a bit. Still, it is great pork. We then headed back to Sangin for a couple of beers and then crashed.

The next day we got up and began wandering for food. After having no luck in Sangin we opted to head downtown. Thursday Party patio had a brunch and so we opted for eggs and sausages. It was good, and got rid of any lasting effects from the night before. After a while Darren had to get going but I decided to stay downtown, as Jon was in from Seoul.

waiting downtown

We met up and went to a patio I had never been to before. After a few hours there it was dinner time so we decided to try a Russian/Uzbek place that has opened downtown, called International City. It was run by a great lady from Uzbekistan and the food was amazing. Some of the best beef I have ever had. Russian beer isn't half bad either. We ended up staying there for several hours.

Baltic 3, Baltic 5 was better


We got the last subway home, and I was asleep early. Monday I was giving a few of our things to Yen's friends in Namdaegu. They drove over around one and we loaded up the car. We then headed over there for lunch and to catch up. It ended with dinner out at a Makchang place. I hadn't seen Nicole since I got back from Manila so it was great to catch up. Again I wrapped it up and was home by noon.


It was a day of hiking and two days of eating. Not exactly healthy, but a lot of fun. Now for my last week at Yongsan.

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