Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Last Work Weeks

Well my last month at Moonkkang will be a strange one.

I got an email from my boss a couple of days ago saying that my branch was downsizing again. Originally they were going to have my new coworker take over my classes when they go from eight teachers to six. However, it was decided that she would take over my classes on Monday Oct 5th and I would spend my last three weeks doing office work and covering sick days. It makes sense, having Emily go then come back three weeks later is unfair to her and to the students. I have also done office work in the past and so I can be used in non teaching ways fairly easily I think, which I am happy to do. In fact, it might be (knock on wood) a great change. While I do like my school and students a lot, the combination of school and work these last three years has left me burnt out. Working from home or from the head office, while still work, is a welcome change. I did this sort of office work before and it is actual work, but I can do lots of it in my pyjamas.

Oct 3rd will probably not be my last teaching day at Moonkkang. It will, unfortunately, probably be at a branch I have never been to before with students I don't know. That being said it is a nice way to wind down my time here. My flight to Manila is booked for October 24th. This final run to that is something that (knock on wood) will be fun.

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