Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Bridge of Death

well not exactly, but a few campaigners up at Wolgwang Park would have you believe so.

A few months ago city planners lowered the level at Wolgwang lake park (probably the place I will miss most in Daegu) and built a bridge over the water. The problem is that it is horribly ugly, VERY poorly built, and has already caused a few injuries. A few older people have been out by the bridge every day with pictures of kids who have cut themselves on the thing. Half of it is just iron poorly welded together that acts as a flooring, presumably so you can walk on it and see what water looks like? Little pieces of metal stick up everywhere and it feels very flimsy. I wouldn't want too many people on it an once. The rest of it has a huge rail that lights up in this horrible neon at night.

There is a petition going on and, when it gets 10,000 signatures, it will be sent to the city to have the bridge removed or completely redone. I am not sure which of the cities nephews got this contract, but my guess is it will be him last public project. It won't be fixed before I go, but hopefully it will be done by next summer. I have a few pics that don't really do it justice, but as an eyesore you'll get the idea.

the bridge from the park

This is where there is wood flooring. 
I am not going anywhere near the grid.

Bridge under the mountain

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