Monday, December 11, 2017

Nanhu Park and Downtown Nanning

Yesterday, being a nice day and being my 8-930 am work day, Yen and I decided to hop on the subway down to Nanhu park. We headed to Nanhu station and got off at the park exit. The new subway makes life in Nanning incredibly easy, as you walk out and are basically in the park.

It is the largest park in Nanning, and runs next to a big lake which has been dammed to keep it full year round. It is a decent place for a walk and a spot to take a few pictures. There isn't much else to say about it, and information in English on China is surprisingly scarce (internet censorship I guess). What I have learned is that the park was established in 1972, though the lake itself was formed when a tributary of the Yong river was dredged during the Tang dynasty. It has tropical plants from all over Guangxi province. There is a museum there dedicated to Zhuang (the local minority) revolutionaries in the 1920's, though it is all in Chinese.

For us though, it was a nice stroll in the park on warm winter afternoon.

After that we headed to the Nanning elephant statue, said to represent the city. Then a subway to MixC mall for a meal (what is it at 4pm?) and then home.

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