Monday, January 22, 2018

Spring Festival

With the semester done I am now on spring break..... in January.

Last year's lunar new year saw us off to Cebu and Manila. This year, with a move in September, a desire to save, and a visit home planned, we have decided to be a bit more low key. Tomorrow we head off to Guilin for three nights to see the mountain town that is unquestionably the highlight of Guangxi province. I've been waiting for Yen to get here to go, and then for a break long enough to make it worthwhile. We finally have that.

We leave from Nanning station and get there in a little over two hours. I decided to book us somewhere decent, which will make it easier to organize a river tour and just give us a treat.

This is really the only thing I will do on my break. We have a couple days in early Feb in Guangzhou before Yen flies off to Manila for a few weeks, but otherwise I think I will stay local.

The decision really has been made to leave SCIC this year, so it makes sense to see Guangxi before we leave. We have friends in Nanning and Guilin, which means we will likely be back for a visit, but travel in Guangxi will likely be off the menu.

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