Saturday, December 9, 2017

Mobile Pics Fall 2017

I've done this a few times before. I sometimes enjoy taking a few random pics off of my pgone and sharing them. I have to admit that I sometimes get the urge to just snap a random shot on my phone, and am not always sure why. But they are fun, so here are a few pics.

yet another beer that tastes the same
as all the other beers.

Guangxi University St. 

On campus, on a (genuinely) foggy day.

old habits die hard

Old Nanning meets new Nanning

old relic at Yangmei Ancient Town

in Yangmei

view from Tad's

In front of the gym.

yellow snow

west of Nanning

Nanning pagoda at night

Yong river

Zhongshan rd.



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