Saturday, November 25, 2017


This month has been an interesting one to say the least.

First off, Yen finally made it to China. I went ti pick her up a couple weekends ago in Guangzhou. She flew in from Manila after getting her S2 visa. She can stay until Feb 2nd. The good news is that now that she has had visas in a couple of countries, and we have some cash in the bank, getting her a visa to another country shouldn't be as difficult. We have a G20 on there, though we don't have a G7 on there yet. I am assuming Canada will be the first.

Anyway, it was a LONG mission to Guangzhou from Nanning, then a subway ride across town to the airport. We then took a taxi to our hotel. I splurged on the Crowne Plaza. Afterwards we essentially went to the same places I went to the last time I was there. Walking along the Pearl river to Shamian and dinner near the hotel.

Yen on the banks of the Pearl river


me, same place

Guangzhou flowers

stopping for a very Chinese lunch

Yen by the river again

a fine brew

Yen in the hotel district

Other than that it has been quiet. Winter is here, though it is Vancouver winter, not winter winter. Rainy and 9 degrees. Work is going, and while I am happy here, I don't see us here next year. There really isn't much for Yen to do in Nanning and my job, while enjoyable, is also not one with any long term potential. We are looking at bigger cities in China or back to Korea for now, with the eventual goal of kids and a return to western Canada down the road.

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