Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fall 2017

I've been back in Nanning a few weeks. There isn't a whole lot new, but a few things worth recording.

Yen should have the cash now to FINALLY get her Chinese visa. About bloody time. I should know by next week. If it all works out I will meet her in Guangzhou as soon as it is issued.

Semester is well under way, and I am now doing a course in academic writing, which I am loving. It is more work for sure, but it feels good to actually be doing something substantial. The classes I have been doing have been good, but these new classes are more in line with what I was hoping to be doing when I got here. That is nice.

October still has most days in the high 20's, though 12 and wet is right around the corner.

I am also starting, slowly, to look for my next job. Though it is almost a year away, I do want to start thinking about it. With two years university experience my options really open up. I am looking at doing IELTS training for international students, teaching EAP full time, or else.......?

Finally, I am planning on finally seeing a bit of China. Heading out on Sunday to an old village near Nanning. Want to hit Guilin when Yen gets here. Will be fun to get out a bit more.

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