Saturday, September 16, 2017

Summer Vacation Pt. 3

The rest of the week went by very quickly. We had a last dinner with my Mom and sister at 801, the restaurant/bar at White Sands, before they left for Taipei the next morning. On Tuesday I met Will and Mike for dinner at Ayala Terraces and met Mike there again on Wednesday before he flew back to Tampa. Both times ending up at TGI Friday's. Thursday we were at the resort all day before my Dad, Sue, and Braden all left from the long trek back to Vancouver.

With everyone gone, Cebu suddenly got a lot quieter. Yen and I moved to our condo in San Marino. We've stayed there before and, while it is a decent place to stay a few weeks, I am not sure why you would build a condo there, and I am sure I would never buy in it. Only 10 years old but looks and feels at least 30 years old. We had a good couple of weeks though. Travelled around the city a bit, did the last few things we had never done in Cebu, and relaxed. Yen's cousin Ivy came by for a couple days with her daughter, and we did a tower in Cebu, the Daoist temple, and went to see a band at the terraces at Ayala mall. Fun, but hardly stuff you'd travel across the world to see.

While I love the Cebu/Mactan area, I doubt I will be back anytime soon. As a city Cebu itself is fairly quiet. I've well and truly done the tourist trail there, and with no good friends there, there isn't much for us to actually do there anymore. If I owned a condo there, and could spend my vacation swimming, fishing, and reading and I'd probably feel differently, but to rent a cheap condo for two weeks isn't exactly something I'd want to do every year. I think the next time we are in the Philippines together we will try for a resort area. Boracay or Puerto Galera.

Still, it was the best August of my life. Next August I am assuming we will be back in Vancouver for a visit. I think we have a couple more years before we come back for good, but it is hard to see much more than a couple years in to the future right now.

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