Sunday, September 3, 2017

Summer Vacation Pt. 2

We landed in Cebu and walked out right in to the biggest rain storm we would experience the entire trip. However, it was a dry cab and a short run to White Sands.

I was actually one of the last to arrive. Yen had arrived with her family from Dipolog that morning, and most of my friends has showed up during the day. Only Mike and Will were still in transit. I ran in to Bobby first and met his lovely new girlfriend Karishma. I didn't have much time to talk with friends or family though, as we had to meet with the wedding coordinator.

After all that it was a bit of a family and friends reunion and a day at the resort.

The next day of course I got married.

On Sunday Yen and I moved to our condo, back at San Marino, which we had stayed at in February. Then it was back to the resort for more visiting and dinner at 801, the rooftop bar at White Sands. Sunday was also the day that much of the wedding party left Cebu. Yen's family were all off home, Darren back to Daejeon and Bobby to Seoul, and UK Mike off for a week in the Philippines with his wife.

Monday was our first real day trip. Rosie had organised a trip to Oslob, to see the whale sharks that go there to feed every day year round. It was an early start and a long trip to south Cebu island, but well worth the effort.

a whale shark.

south Cebu island

After the whale sharks we went to see a waterfall, which was cool as well (in every sense of the word, that water was downright cold). It was great to get in to the countryside, as that is where the Philippines really shines. I do like Cebu city, and I even like Manila, but if I were to ever permanently relocate to the Philippines it would not be to the city, it would be a chunk of land with a view like the one above. Anyway, after the waterfalls we began the long trek to Cebu City.

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