Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Random mobile uploads from China and the Philippines

Chinese whisky. Big sizee

Guangzhou Soviet era Statue

Pearl River

Entrance to the old colonial district

5 Elephant Statue Nanning

Goon baby




Guangzhou traditional Chinese dinner

A-Won Korean, in Manila

best Korean beer. Also in Manila

View of straight of Cebu

fun mall

those shoes don't fit

near Panglao

could be a commercial

large hermit crab

Philippine Coffee. Actually good

"Meat all you can"

spot the lizard

does he know that?

school in Nanning


bridge near the Guangxi Uni west gate

palm trees when it feels too cold for palm trees

Nanning Exhibition Centre


at night

Grand Lisboa, Macau

the spicy dish that finally got me.

What a Chinese elementary school classroom looks like
(not where I work)

yeah it really is the shits

view of university from the 9th floor

near the teacher apartments

more spicy food

good beer

west of Nanning. Guangxi countryside

elephant again

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