Sunday, March 12, 2017

Yunnan Coffee

One of the things I miss from Korea - a lot - is good coffee. Not the coffee culture, but coffee. At Homeplus you could buy a 2kg bag of Sumatran coffee for relatively little. In China there is Starbucks, which will actually run out of brew coffee most days. The Chinese are tea drinkers. This means I do instant most mornings. A very sad state of affairs. So when a friend and coworker of mine, Erin, who has lived here for a few years, told me about the coffee she gets from Yunnan I was intrigued. Yunnan actually has a decent coffee growing climate, and it is even sold a Starbucks here. I got myself a French press (good luck finding a real percolator) and asked her to grab some. At 90rmb ($17.50 Cad/15000krw) it isn't super cheap, but the company, Hani, is run by an American who treats the farmers very well, and the company is what fair trade is supposed to be about. It is also damn good coffee. Given that I can go through a bag in about 10-12 days, that means 5 bags in a 3 month period, which is more than I spent in Korea and certainly more than Canada, but only marginally so. I am also happy to give my money to coffee growers here. Parts of the country have a climate for it, and anything you can do to get rid of tea culture is a win :)

Hani Coffee

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