Sunday, February 26, 2017

Why is it Still Winter?

Probably the thing that has surprised me the most about Nanning is just how cold it does get in the winter. I was told subtropical and figured 8 months of 32 degrees and four of 22 degrees. I was wrong. Nanning gets downright cold.


Today is 11-14 degrees, but very overcast and humid. It actually reminds me a bit of a Vancouver winter. Sure Vancouver is usually colder in February, but last year when I was there it was warmer than Nanning now. I know this year is different, and 8 degrees is as cold as it will ever get here. Still, with the humidity it does feel cold. So much so that I brought my big winter jacket from Daegu out of storage when I was in Manila and brought it here. I've needed it since I got back and will for another month or so.

It also makes me a little homesick. A damp, chilly winter without getting really cold.

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