Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Second Semester

Our second semester is about to start here at Guangxi Uni and, personally, I am ready to get it over and done with. That sounds negative but I don't mean it that way. After this semester Yen and I are together and married and have a long break. That being said I am happy to be back at work and in a routine. The job itself if good, and we seem WAY more organised this semester. I am also looking forward to hearing about the kids break.

The negatives this semester are the schedule, which absolutely sucks (evening classes, 7am classes etc) and the lack of teachers. While one is back a month late due to an injury, which is very understandable, two others are gone. One I know was sacked and the other chose to leave for personal reasons, and made the right choice IMO. That does mean that we are down teachers with no replacements until April.

The positives are that I have a semester under my belt and know what is going on. No nerves or anything this week. I have a couple of friends here now, and feel more comfortable with what I am doing here personally. My apartment is getting professionally cleaned next week, so that will be nice. Yen can apply for her visa on March 3rd. The new semester is looking good, and I know my students quite well now, which will make for a more fun first week.

I also have my contract for next year already. My goal was always to get the minimum two years work experience here and then assess where I am personally and professionally. I am already leaning towards two years, and certainly three, being enough. I would rather go back to B.C or even Korea after that, or else do something entirely new. Now that looks like a reality.

For now though I am happy to start the next 18 week semester.

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