Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Not Seeing Much of China

Admittedly I have only been here three months, but it is looking increasingly like I will not see anything of PR China beyond Nanning this year, and not much next year. It isn't that I don't want to, but right now Shanghai and up is getting cold. Beijing has a daytime high of 1 degree today. I do have a serious winter coat, in storage in the Philippines. I could get it this winter, and I probably will, but even with it going that far north sucks when it is cold.

Also, both of my vacations will be spent at least partially in the Philippines. Yen and I have a bit more paperwork to do before she can get a visa and we can get ready for August. This year has been miserable in that respect, with us getting a total of about 7 weeks together all year. That is not something I want to repeat in 2017, so I will be in Manila as long as it takes to get it done.... and not a second longer.

In August we will be back in Cebu, which I was previously in last October. This time however we are going there to get married. We are hammering out details, but should be first week of August, after my academic year is finished.

While that is all exciting, it does mean that, Guangzhou aside, I will not see any of the PRC for at least the first year I am here. I mean being the size of the US it isn't like Korea where I can slip off to Busan for the weekend. Beijing is a 4 hour flight. But there are still a few places I would really like to see here, obviously. I would also like to do it with Yen, so when we are settled in here that will be a better time to go anyway.

For now it is busy days in Nanning.

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