Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Getting Back to isteacher

Sorry to be spamming the blogs, but I've been putting these together for a while. I'm trying to get back in to writing this blog. I have about 20 half done blogs going back to my time in Daegu earlier this year.

To be honest, when I was in Daegu I didn't have much interest in writing. I had gone back to my old job to cover a vacancy for four months. I had really thought to be past doing cram schools and was not thrilled to be there. Not that I have anything but good things to say about Moonkkang, but as I have said a few times, it was well past time to move on. I think being somewhere I didn't want to be, and really doing very little while there, left me with very little to write about. I was working on a blog on the neighbourhood I was in in Daegu. It is almost done. I should just finish it and post it. But because of that doing this felt a bit like a chore.

Now in Nanning I am starting to get the urge to start up again. Maybe not the 15 a month I did back in Daegu in 2011. To be honest I am too busy to do that, and I don't do all that much. Mon-Sat I am working either at the university or at home. I may write a bit about my classes, but I want to leave work, the good and the bad, off of here. For the most part it is good, and any issues I have a better discussed somewhere more professional than here. That means that it is mostly weekends, where I explore a bit and do a few things, but really except for big trip such as meeting Will in Macau a couple weeks ago, I don't go far.

I' going to finish up a few I have started this year, so I may just have a huge dump of them for 2016 in Nov-Dec. After that I'll see how busy I am.

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