Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nanning Weather

So I have been here since September, and with the exception of a few days around the beginning of November the weather has been consistently tropical. 22-33 and humid. However, I have been told again and again that there is a winter of sorts this far north. Indeed, today I woke up to 15 degrees, with a high of 17 this afternoon. I am sure people back in Vancouver or Daegu would laugh at the idea of that being cold, but I have not felt anything under 20 since last April. It will get down to the low teens during the day in December and January, and apparently last year it got below 10 degrees overnight, but apparently that is not normal. However, the humidity makes it seem colder than it is. But being from Vancouver, a relatively warm but humid winter is not that unusual. It actually reminds me a lot of Hanoi last Christmas, and I guess we are on a similar latitude so..........

In any event, may have to drag my hoodie out of storage.

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