Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Night Before the Night Before Christmas

It is December 23rd and, though life is moderately stressful these days, with some home cooked food, some Christmas music and a package arriving from home things are very festive. Tomorrow is the big night for Filipino gifts and Christmas morning is for us Protestants, so we have decided to swap half at midnight and the other half Christmas morning.

This after a small bit of snowfall. Not enough to stick nor constitute a white Christmas (something I have yet to really have). Still very enjoyable.

I'll give a full Christmas blog on the day, in the mean time, Merry Christmas.

.... and a few pics:

the tree we set up
(Yen set it up, I played Civ and was very encouraging.... I also
smashed Assyria, so that was something

with all the presents

wide shot


snow at the GS Mart

a few concessions to Asia.
Still think Burma Beer would be a better name.

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