Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Flight Home

A few days ago I booked my flight home for a two week trip. I'll be flying All Nippon, Japan's private carrier, from Seoul to Tokyo to Vancouver. It is a bit different as I fly out of Gimpo, Seoul's old airport and in to Haneda, Tokyo's pre-Narita airport. Apparently ANA uses Haneda, and that is about the only airline that does. I've also not set foot in Gimpo since the day I arrived in Korea. Gimpo handles domestic flights to Ulsan, Busan, and Jeju-do and limited international flights (Japan and Beijing mostly).

The way back is great, with a 70 minute stopover at Haneda. However on the way to Vancouver I have seven hours to kill. That isn't as big a problem in most Japanese airports as they come fully licensed and Japan is home to sake, great beer and whisky that a Scot would drink (Suntory won whisky of the year in 2013, google it). Besides, in Japan you have to go through security even when transiting, so that'll eat 20-25 minutes anyway.

I arrive Saturday, January 31st and leave on Friday 13th (I'll leave that joke to someone else). I chose that horrible time of year because it is my Dads 60th birthday and because I didn't come home in 2014. In fact, I haven't been to Vancouver since 2011. As an excuse I went to see my sister in London in 2012 instead of going home, my Mom came here in 2013, and I HAD planned to go home this year, but I decided to wait until my Dads 60th, as I couldn't afford to go twice and pay for school. I also plan to make Vancouver a more regular stop, say more than every 3 years that it is now.

But for now, my first birthday home since I turned 26.

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