Saturday, December 6, 2014

Keeping Connected in the Cold

Sometimes I think there is something to this 4 seasons myth Korea has. December 1st came about and it dropped 10 degrees. Literally.

From highs in the mid teens in November it has plummeted to highs of 2-3 and lows of -8. While it should only last for the next three months, it makes me glad I have a new winter jacket and a warm apartment.

Despite the arctic chills I am trying to get out and get connected, or better connected with people in my life who are, well, more positive. Korea, and expat existence in general I guess, brings together some amazing people, and some absolute clowns. People who are adventurous and outgoing, and people who are washed up, drunk, and trying to hold on to their college life another year (or ten). Downtown Daegu feels more and more like a small college town where so many B movies take place, with GI's brawling through Thursday Party while pretentious children hipsters make MF agonizingly pretentious. An excerpt:

where you from?
Oh, Do you know insert band that can't sell out a 40 person venue here.
... no
oh........ That's all I know about Vancouver (a blatant lie)

Drains the soul quickly. I won't bother writing about the crazies, though it is nice to know who the strongest English teacher in Daegu is.

So, what that means is that when you know people who are worth knowing, you should make more of an effort to spend time with them. People who are the coffee and aspirin to the above mentioned hangover. Getting the hipsters and crazies at arms length is something I have been working hard at doing. It amazes me how much better I feel after being with people who bring me up, who are doing cool things that regular people can relate to and are happy to share it (and happy to share in what you are doing). This is even more true in the Korean winter, when the last thing you need is more depression.

With that in mind I have been spending more time with Darren and Matt, and today met up with Nathan and his wife for coffee. Nathan and I used to run together when he lived in Sangin last year. He moved across town, I injured my knee, and we kind of lost touch. I found out that he is in Sangin every Saturday and decided to make a point of meeting up, and I'm very glad I did. Nathan has been in Daegu as long as I have but has been at Moonkkang the whole time. It has given him an experience that has many similarities to mine but also a few differences. We tend to agree on things relating to work and Korean expat life in general. It was great to catch up.

I then had a long overdue skype chat with Bobby in Seoul. We've both been busy and haven't seen much of each other this year. With his departure date from Korea set for April, that is something I would like to remedy. He is off to Taiwan for winter vacation, and that being one of my favourite destinations, we had a chat about that and his ever closing departure date.

I also got an email from KOTESOL asking me to put my presentation in to a paper form for possible publication. I quick message to Mike and we are a go. That is exciting.

It is amazing how much better you can feel just cutting the gossip girls and college town out of your life. This of course ignores living with Yen, who may also play a role in making staying home way more appealing than going out anyway.

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