Sunday, August 23, 2015

Got My Paper Draft Back

I got my feedback on my dissertation yesterday evening and could not have been happier. FAR less work than I had anticipated, and what I do have to do I can do most morning this week and next, which will leave every weekend except one in September free. Free weekends are suddenly important for me, as I only have nine of them left here in the ROK.

I plan to submit it on the morning of Saturday Sept 19th and then celebrate with a trip to Daejeon. It isn't exactly Disneyland, but it is always fun.

I will end up close to my word limit, but 200-300 under so it is okay. I also need to do a bit more reading, but just 2-3 more articles, and nothing wrong with padding my already ridiculous bibliography.

I am glad that I did this programme, but I am also happy to be done with it.

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