Thursday, August 20, 2015

Filling Out My Last Few Weekends

With nine weekends left I am trying to fill out what I will be doing before I go.

This weekend Darren was supposed to come down but he had to cancel. Oh well.

Next weekend Will is in town on his way back to Saigon from Atlanta. He decided to stop off in Korea for a few days to see his old neighbourhood and visit friends. I last saw Will in February, 2014 but we keep in touch on skype regularly. Both of us are on a real budget so I think we will just stick to Daegu. Zeke will also be around on Saturday and Sunday, so that will be fun.

Sept 18th I'll be doing a last trip to Daejeon, a city which is not a tourist destination in itself, but is a city I have had a few good nights in that you can read about herehere and here. I've always had fun in Daejeon, and will miss it in a strange way.

Oct 10-11 I'll be doing my third KOTESOL presentation and visiting Seoul for the last time. Seoul is Seoul. I've been multiple times (herehereherehereherehere and here), though I haven't been up in almost a year now, except to get flights from Incheon or Gimpo, so another weekend up is long overdue.

Oct 16-18 I'll be visiting Busan for my last full weekend in Korea. Busan is, without a doubt, my favourite city in Korea. I've been multiple times (hereherehere and here) and always have fun. I can't think of a better place to spend my last weekend in Korea as a hagwon teacher.

October 24th I fly to Manila.

I have a few more weekends available, but those will mostly be given over to paper until the 18th and doing a few things in Daegu. I would have liked to visit Gumi and hike Geumosan again. I would also like to visit Jeonju again, but that may not be a realistic possibility. Otherwise there really isn't much to do that I haven't done, or at least touched on.

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