Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Seven Months

With a maximum of seven months left in Korea, I am starting to seriously plan for post Korea, and do what I need to do to transition.

For starters, I finished my last term paper for school, now I only need my dissertation (only) and I am done. That has to be done no later than Sept. 20th, but I hope to finish it a bit earlier.

I have also prepared my CELTA application and sent it off to ILA in Vietnam (the chain school there that hosts them). It is a more practical, month long, intro training course that I really should have done a few years ago, but better late than never. It finishes on Dec. 11th. I really want it done this year so that 2016 can be dedicated to saving and enjoying myself a bit.

Seven months is going to fly by I am sure. But for now, it is another day at Moonkkang.

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