Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Day Out at Duryu

Having spent Friday and Saturday writing my last course paper, I needed a break. being that Sunday was 22 degrees and sunny, Yen and I decided to visit Duryu park to see the cherry blossoms and enjoy the weather.

We took to subway to Sondangmot, and from there walked a four hour loop around the park, taking a few pictures along the way. It was very crowded (as Korea can be) but still very enjoyable. The cherry blossoms are early this year, given the unseasonably warm weather, and their blooming means that spring is here. I for one am thrilled.

Anyway, a few pics

Woobang tower from Sondangmot


pavilion on what was a dry lake

cherry blossoms


more cherry blossoms

a small temple in the park

We had planned to go to WaBar after for a cocktail and fruit platter, but at 530 they were still closed, so we opted for cooking at home. A great Sunday.

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