Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Seeing Jarrod Off

Last night I went out to Percent bar with Jarrod and Matt to try Daegu's answer to craft beer. Actually they just import it from Busan, but meh.

It was also the last chance I will likely have to see Jarrod before he heads back to the States on Wednesday. Jarrod and I have known each other off and on for years, and have started hanging out regularly this year. It was a great place to chat, hang out and have one too many for a work night. That being said, being good beer I woke up feeling okay, if I did oversleep. I wonder how many hangovers are due to people drinking crap beer from dirty taps rather than the amount that they drank. Anyway.

Percent was also a cool place. Small but with a nice atmosphere. 90's rock on non-stop was also a real plus for me (talk about flashbacks, anyone else remember Tonic and Natalie Imbruglia?). We stayed up chatting about the future of the company, life in Korea. Well that's life.

Jarrod is off early next week for home in Texas, the rest is still up in the air but it seems that he is spoiled for options, rather than lacking them. I am sure he will turn out fine and It'll be great to meet up again one day of that side of the Pacific rim, whenever that may be.

Jarrod is also the first of many friends to be leaving this year. Next comes Bobby in April.

Changing times ahead.

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