Monday, January 26, 2015

Changes to isteacher

I have decided today to restrict who can view this blog. Basically, you can no longer search for it using google, yahoo etc.

The reason is that, for the most part, I write this for myself, and any family and friends who may be interested (they can access it via facebook). I've had a few other readers, and for the most part, if anyone is interested in my posts I am glad.

However, periodically I get a few trolls. I moderate all comments and so they never appear, but they range from messages in languages I can't read or comments from people with questionable grammar, ideas, education and chromosome counts to angry people wanting me to join their angry causes/denouncing me for posting against their cause to advertisements and other spam. I've had other comments from people I don't know who make interesting points/counterarguments and I welcome them. As to other comments, I feel no need to allow them to find and comment on my blog at all.

Also, with job hunts this and next year having a more private blog seems to make more sense.

If you have any trouble accessing anything message me, I get the comments, even if I don't publish them (though I do report spam/trolling).

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