Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter and Presentation

As always happens, November finishing up and it is cold. Not as cold as in previous years, but cold enough to need the heater at night.

It also means that the kids are all little germ bags, which of course has me down with a cold and cough to go with my arm injury that just won't seem to heal. But that is the bad side.

The upside is that this weekend is the KOTESOL winter conference in Daejeon, and Mike and I are presenting. Not a big deal but a good resume padding and an opportunity to discuss what we've been doing at school with a larger audience. Alas Yen is working on Saturday so she can't come, but I am still excited to do the presentation and have a last weekend with the boys before the worst of winter sets in and being outside is just an ordeal.

I have also decided to pick up my blogging a bit. My passion for it is certainly down from last year and the year before, but I feel like there is still cool stuff happening that I am not writing, and the truth is I have ample time to do it. Hopefully KOTESOL will give me more to write about.

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