Sunday, November 16, 2014

Starbucks. Coffee Shops

Well after three full years in Sangin in happened. Southwest Daegu finally has a real coffee shop.

I know people like to dump on Starbucks. Ordering a grande coffee is kinda the height of pretentious, but in a country with 500 coffee shops that don't serve coffee, having a real coffee shop is a godsend.

I have a long list of things that I will miss about Korea. Coffee culture is not one of them. Everywhere you go there are coffee shops, yet when you ask for a coffee they get a confused look on their face and say "Americano?" No. Coffee.
Moji... Americano
... moji... Americano?
...moji... Americano?

This has turned me in to a bit of a Starbucks convert. Mostly because I hate Euro coffee culture, which most Korean shops imitate. I want a big cup of black coffee. No milk, no caramel, no dainty espresso mugs that look like they were made for babies. A giant cup of black coffee.

Now at last it is here, and with the prices that many of these coffee shops charge for their piss water Americanos, it actually comes in at the cheapest option. Seriously, at $4.50 for a large coffee it is better value, and often cheaper, than most other shops Americanos.

I mean I still make coffee at home, but now if I do want to go out for coffee, I can.

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