Saturday, March 3, 2018

Nanning's Nanhu Park

Another large park in Nanning is Nanhu Park. It is a very large lake park in central Nanning. The park itself is new, only being built in 1972 when the government decided to dam a river that flowed in to the Yong river, the river had been continuously dredged since the Tang dynasty. Creating the lake cut down on flooding and created a beautiful green area in the city.

There are a few sights in the park, though most are man made and of minimal interest, with the exception of the gardens. The orchid and bonsai gardens are both very impressive and well worth a visit if you enjoy plants.

The path around the lake is a good 10km and in the hottest months that means litres of water, but for most of the year it is a great walk.

To get there, get off at Nanhu Park subway station and use exit B1. The park is right there.

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