Friday, August 18, 2017


It is all done. Six months of incredibly hard work has finally paid off, as Yen and I tied the knot at Cebu White Sands on August 5th.

It was made all the more special because I had so many friends and family members who were able to make it from across Asia and Canada. My immediate family was able to come out and visit the Philippines and see other destinations in Asia as well. It was great to show them a place that has, effectively, become a second home for me. I also had friends come from Korea, China, and Vietnam for the ceremony, so a big thanks to all of them for coming. I also was happy that they had a chance to see a bit of the Philippines, and have vacations of their own, even if for some of them it was just a 3 day weekend. Also a big thanks to Mike for landing at 6am the day of the wedding and still being good to go on best man duties. Much appreciated.

The ceremony itself was held in the White Sands garden area. For Yen, preparation began at 10am with hair and makeup. For me it was far less work (as it usually is for men and women on wedding days). Still, I was very excited when the ceremony finally got started.

It is really a situation where pictures tell a much better story than words could, but I will just say that August 5th has now become the most important day in my calendar, and the event was exactly what I wanted it to be.

Babysitting duties while the women get ready.

Waiting patiently

Yen coming 

yes I may

Oh yeah, Mike is 6'3. I forgot about that :D

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