Friday, July 21, 2017


A busy month.

Officially the semester ends the first week of July, but for some there is an option of overtime work with the College. Most teachers have opted out and decided to head off on vacation, but a couple of us have stayed and agreed to do it.

And boy is there overtime.

I have not had a day off since last Saturday, though I should get Sunday off. I then have a very busy 6 day stretch before I too am on holidays, with a nice little bonus that will disappear in wedding costs almost as soon as I get it :D

ah well.

I then have 3 days here before I fly out to Manila on Wednesday Aug 2nd.

Of course the reason I am doing all this is so the wedding is as good as it can be. I have had to say no to a few things that I just can't afford, but a lot of it seems like stuff that we don't need anyway. I think some people blow 40-50k on a wedding, which seems a sure way to ensure that you will spend that again on a divorce :D. We are having a good wedding, but I hope it is remembered more for friends and fun than for the tacky crap.

It is actually strange being on campus in the summer. Most of the staff have left and it is oddly quiet, or as quiet as China ever is, and it is nice. I'll be here for part of next summer, but my visa expires on July 20th and I am sure that we will be back to Vancouver then, even if just for a visit and a visa renewal to wherever we are going next. Still, it means I'll only really get this month to live like this in Nanning. Kinda cool.

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