Friday, December 30, 2016

Guangxi University

This is another one I started in Oct.

My new job is at a college called SCIC, which is attached the Guangxi University. The university itself is the oldest in the province, though it only dates back to 1928. Like many universities in China, it was founded during the republican period to try and teach modern science and arts in the wake of the overthrow of the last Emperor in 1912. Today it is the largest university in Guangxi by a fair margin.

There are several colleges attached to it, and it is the premier university in Guangxi province, though I think that is the equivalent of being the top university in Saskatchewan. Now the university of Saskatchewan is a top university, but compared to the number you'd find in Toronto or Vancouver, it is as much the only major university in Saskatchewan as the top university. Still, Guangxi University is well regarded in the region, and it has thousands of students at any one time.

It is also a beautiful campus, which is something they seem to excel at in northeast Asia. I was always amazed at the beauty of Korean university campuses, and now I find that they exist here in China (or at least the one I have seen is very comparable). It is nice.

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