Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Is Six Years Old

Facebook, with its "on this day" feature, reminded me that it has been six years since my first blog..

While I don't use it 2-3 times a week like I did in 2012, I still will come on a couple of times a month to update/document my life. Six years doesn't seem that long, but it has really been a very long time in other ways.

Six years ago I lived in Seongseo, in western Daegu. I worked at SEI, and had no real ambition to do much more than live week to week.

Seongseo E-Mart

Out front of the Lotte Cinema

Makgeolli st. Good street.

Keimyung University, where I would
often go for a walk before work.

my old street.

Not to mention the top kpop songs at that time by Miss A and 2NE1.

Six years later I am in Nanning, in southern China. I have finished my MA and teachers license, and am a university lecturer. 

on campus, Guangxi University

my place on the right

the main gate

past the east gate

It has been neat to have a record, albeit random and edited, of the last few years, glad David got me on to this back in the SEI days.

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