Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Job, New Country

I said last October that I was done as a cram school teacher in Korea. Well, it turned out to be 4 working months premature, but that is about it.

I've been offered a job with SCIC, a Canadian company that teaches University courses to students heading to English programmes in China or else transferring to the US or Canada. That means that Yen and I will be moving to Nanning in September. I have had mixed feelings about moving to China. Pollution, internet censorship, and lifestyle changes are all negatives. That being said, Nanning appears to be a beautiful city in the south of the country, far less polluted than Beijing, and warm. It is also a new city, and a new country. Not that I don't love Daegu, but really after six years there isn't much left to see or do here.

The job itself also seems to be good, and a great resume builder. As I've said before, I am at the very top of a small hill. I want to get up a mountain, the top of which is my own company hopefully, or a solid job at a university in Canada. However, I need to climb down off this hill to start up the mountain. This job is the bottom of that mountain. My pay will actually be less, but so will my cost of living. I will also have opportunities to pick up extra work and get valuable job skills. It is also a new country, and I am excited for that.

I arrive on Sept. 2nd. My plan is to explore the area with Yen a bit, but mostly work and save between now and next summer. I'm sure I'll have more to say after I am there. First though it is my last couple of weekends in Korea, and then  month in Manila spent mostly doing paperwork.

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