Sunday, November 29, 2015


On one of our days in Cebu, Yen and I took a day trip to Bohol, to see the sights and visit an old college friend of yen's who is now a police officer in Tagbilaran.

We got up early to get the Ocean Jet ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran, where we were getting picked up. On the way it rained very hard, but was sunny when we finally arrived. We went almost immediately to Loboc, for lunch and a ride on the river. It was probably my favourite part of the day. Loboc is beautiful and very isolated. The sort of SE Asia you see in the guidebooks.

After Loboc we headed to the Chocolate Hills in the interior.

Our weather luck ran out as we got to the tarsier park, though we did get to look at a few of the little monkeys. It was hard to get good pictures, but they are cute little things. We then headed to a party that Yen's friend was invited too, but unfortunately we had to leave to get the 7pm ferry back to Cebu.

Bohol is probably the most beautiful place I have been to in the Philippines, and certainly worth the trip out from Cebu.

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