Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bye Bobby

Last night in Daegu I said goodbye to Bobby, who I first met on that same Sangin strip in 2010. Our real goodbye was in Tokyo last weekend, but being that he was in Daegu for the night it made sense to hit the strip one last time.

We met in 2010 when he was Geoff's coworker at SEI. He was hired, and let go (due to well planned downsizing), after three months and moved to Seoul, but we always kept in touch, even if we went a few months without talking or hanging out. Now he is off home to Virginia and then the American west (or Osaka).

He was always a good guy to hang out with, was a great host in Seoul and we had an absolute blast in Tokyo. W also managed a fairly epic weekend in Busan in 2012 and several other adventures in Daegu and Seoul. He'll be missed, and added to a large list of people I will be visiting when I relocate back to Canada.

He is also friend #3 this year to hit the road. I get a couple months off before having to say goodbye to virtually all my Moonkkang coworkers, who all leave two months before I do. I am excited, change is good more often than not.

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